Massimo Negroni

violin maker


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The method of construction follows the tradition of the great Cremonese violin-makers.

The use of internal form allows form for the Maestro's own expression.










As for the choice of materials, top quality seasoned spruce and maple are used, from the Val di Fiemme and the Balkans respectively.

This choice is a result of continuing acoustic research.

This researche has also revealed the most effective distribution of the thicknesses of the back and harmonic table and of the positioning and tension of the bass bar.

The sensitivity and intuition with which every piece of wood is evaluated and selected for specific characteristics, allows for the aquisition of instruments with acoustic qualities that are apprecieted by musicians all over the world.

The production comprises of:

Violins ,Violas, 'Cellos, Viola d'amore.




Corso Pietro Vacchelli, 7 - 26100 Cremona Italia - Tel/Fax 0372 30721 - P.IVA 00672470192 - C.F. NGRMSM59C05D150P