Massimo Negroni

violin maker


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Experimenter and scolar, collects and catalogues resins, essences and pigments from many parts of the world, and prepares numerous recipies for spirit varnish, oil varnish, and mixed.



Over the years this scientific research has been amalgamated with empirical formulas (which couldn't fail to cause the odd explosion).

From this has arisen a catalogue which describes,with the use of images, more than a hundred resins, guins, essences, colourings, solvents, waxes and other vegetable, mineral and fossil products.







The description of "Elemi"a much utilised substance, give a clear idea of the criteria followed in the description of the materials used in the preparatio of varnishees.  






Other images from the rich photographic archive show the resinous product, notably dragon's blood, taken from the fruit of Calamus Draco.

This resin colouring is described in many texts as an intense red.





Maestro Massimo Negroni has considerable experience in the field of formulation and application of primer, base coat and wood preparation in general.

From these experiences are derived the various varnish formulas and their colour which varies from red-orange to amber on a golden yellow base.

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