Massimo Negroni

violin maker


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    Teaches classes in the technique of making stringed instruments, varnishing and restoration.

    He gives yearly pictures about radiography and on the lamp of wood for the analysis of varnish, and on the tecnique of endoscopy.



    Born in Cremona 5th March 1959.

    As a boy, had the opportunity to learn about wood-working starting in his fatherĠs workshop and later with wood carvers and cabinet-makers.

    After junior school he enrolled at the "A.Stradivari"Institute of International Violin-Making in Cremona, attaining his diploma in 1978 under the guidance of Maestro Gio-Batta Morassi and verified by Maestro Sesto Rocchi.

    His violins are inspired by the great masters of the past and include Stradivarius, Guarnerius and personal models.

    A balanced and harmonious style, with the use of mixed or oil varnish coloured red-orange or amber, characterise his work. Since 1981 he has taught at the "A.Stradivari" Institute of International Violin-Making in Cremona.

    Has attended the course in violin restoration set up by the National Committee for the Safeguards and Standards in violin-making, under the discipline of Maestro Diepper of London.

    As an authority in the world of violin-making, he has been an advisor at conservatories and music schools both in Italy and abroad (United States, Mexico, Turkey, Spain, France and Switzerland), and has worked in conjunction with importante National and International Orchestras.

    Always open to exchanges in a cultural and professional sense, he founded ALI (Associazione Liutai Italiani) and the Consorzio Liutai e Archettai "A.Stradivari"in Cremona. From 1985 to 1988 collaborated with Prof. Ciro Moschella in the publication of the book "Liuteria Moderna dall'Ottocento al Novecento".

    His workshop in Corso Pietro Vacchelli no. 7, stands in one of the places artistic interest in Cremona. Musicians come to him from all over the world.

Corso Pietro Vacchelli, 7 - 26100 Cremona Italia - Tel/Fax 0372 30721 - P.IVA 00672470192 - C.F. NGRMSM59C05D150P